Interview by Ollie Sutton

Ollie Sutton

This very funny so-called travel book isn’t really one at all, is it?

Alan Platt

Not really. These are just silly incidents that happened all over the world, because I traveled a lot.

And, although you write about them very comically, they’re not all...

...not all so very funny at the time. That’s true.

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Making a Fool of myself

I wrote a book I order to make a fool of myself? Why? 

Foreign Fool is a bunch of short memoirs about me being stupid all over the world. Often disasterously, often just embarrassingly. All written as comically as I know how, starring me as the chump every time. Why?

Why let everybody know how dumb I’ve been? Getting kidnapped on a bicycle in Saigon? Getting my car stuck in the Sahara in a sandstorm? Being comically constipated in Tokyo? And don’t even ask what I got caught doing in London. 

Why? Well, I’ve always enjoyed making fun of myself in stories I tell my friends. Some of us will do anything for a laugh. Of course I’ve had some great times as I've lurched all over the map, but who cares? It's things going wrong that get the laughs and the free drinks.